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Would you like to spend an exciting and unforgettable summer in Trogir? In that case we recommend that you rent a jet-ski and have a wild time. Fly Rent offers you a unique adrenalin rush in the calm and beautiful Kaštela bay near the historical town of Trogir. The jet-skis we offer are bran new Yamaha models rated up to 215hp. Your satisfaction is our motto and for your maximum enjoyment and comfort we ensure that every jet-ski comes equipped with life jackets and safety equipment.

Main features are:-

-Rental periods can be from ten minutes up to all day, (all day by request.)

-A pick up and drop off service is available on request.

-Prior experience or a driving license is not a requirement.

-Some kind of identification or a deposit is required when renting a jet-ski

-It is necessary to sigh a lease document to cover personal risk taking.

-Entertainment and an adrenalin rush is guaranteed.

Yamaha Fx HO 180

  • Engine Type: 4 taktni (180KS)
  • Fuel Tank: 75L
  • Max Persons: 3

Yamaha Fx HO 180 is a practical sports jet-ski which is very easy to use. It has speed, strength and exceptional stability. It is easily started by simply pressing a start/stop button.

Yamaha FX SHO 215 Cruiser

  • Engine Type: 4 taktni (215KS)
  • Fuel Tank: 75L
  • Max Persons: 3

The Yamaha FX SHO Cruiser 215 is the top model in our fleet. Like our other models it is easy to use and provides exceptional speed and a stable ride. This machine guarantees an exceptional adrenalin rush and safe fun on the sea.

Sea-Doo Gtx 130PRO

  • Engine Type: 130hp
  • Fuel Tank: 70l
  • Max Persons: 2

You’ll find the perfect way to escape in every ride with the Sea-Doo GTX, personal recreational watercraft. The amazing versatility of the GTX lineup means you’ll turn family fun into a new adventure.